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news21st September 2007 07:49:28 Over summer, in the middle of our coding and testing more investors could be convinced, total bullion which were added are 6 more, bringing it to 20 x 400 oz bars now. The growth continues, as people Read Moresep news29th May 2007 08:51:41 March 5, 2007: SupraGold attracted the first serious client, who bailed in 9 400 oz bullion to the SupraGold high security storage Total bars are now 14. Read Moresep news21st May 2007 06:38:46 SupraGold will offer an unique opportunity to serious business people all over the world. We intend to offer franchises for any language you would like to see SupraGold being available. If you speak f Read Moresep